Some of us are lucky enough to be deeply moved by the love of cats. It's a love that goes above and beyond. What if we loved ourselves the same way?

My Kind Of Cat Lover

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Energy Is Everything

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Energy Tools For

The Love & Above Life

We offer a variety of products to support a high energy vibe for humans, inspired by the profound love between us and our cats.

Flower Essence Blends

Flower essences are a form of natural medicine that respects and channels the energy of various flowers and plants. They are a subtle alternative therapy that has been used for over a century to help bring the energy fields of body, mind, and spirit back into balance.

Our blends use all organic and biodynamic flower essences.

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Crystals give off vibrations. This is a verifiable physical truth, and the reason why quartz watches actually work. Perhaps it's these 'vibes' that inform the various properties associated with them.

Crystals hold energy. They can also cleanse, clear, and transmute energy.

The crystals we offer are ethically sourced.

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Flower Essence Blends with Essential Oils

Used for centuries, science has learned that scent molecules of essential oils, when inhaled, travel from olfactory nerves to directly impact the amygdala, the brain's emotional center. We add select essential oils to flower essences for those who want a scent component.

Our blends use all organic essential oils.

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How This All Began...

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Praise From Cat Lovers

An incredible line of flower essence blends that help promote natural, health-giving forces of body and soul.

Jackson Galaxy, cat behavior and wellness expert as seen on TV's "My Cat From Hell"

A purrfect fit for coping with life beyond caring for our cats. The more I delved into it, the more I loved it.

Ingrid King, award-winning cat writer and Reiki Master Practitioner

Above and beyond my expectations. I will recommend this small shop and return over and over.

Bo Sem (@yuki.the.bsh)

Thank you Love & Above Cat Club for such a high quality product. Your products and packaging always make me feel so special.

Dalinda (@sheilasapron)

Our Love Guarantee

Feel the love, or your money back. Zero risk.

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