For Those Who Are Stressed, Worried, or Overwhelmed

"The combo of essential oils and flower essences is perfect." – Rhonda, esthetician/aromatherapist

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For Those Who Need Rejuvenation

"You cannot imagine how much I needed that!"
– Sandra, animal rescuer


For Those Who Are Grieving

"I've been using HEART-HEAL aromatherapy for several weeks now, and I've noticed a big difference in how I feel."
– Angie, who has two cute cats


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Feel the love, or your money back. Zero risk.

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Love yourself like you love your cat

Some of us are lucky enough to be deeply moved by the love of cats.

It's a love that goes above and beyond.

What if we loved ourselves the same way?

Flower Essences for

The Love & Above Life

We make flower essence blends for humans. Inspired by the profound love between us and our cats.

Nature as Therapy

Believe in nature. This is a partnership – with the essences of flowers and plants.

Gentle Yet Powerful

This is nature's way: working beautifully with care, love, and respect.

Ancient and New

This is energy medicine – similar to acupuncture, Reiki, and Qigong – in a bottle.

Something Beautiful...

For Your Self-Care

We're living in difficult times. I made this guide to help support you: your beauty, magic, and the possibilities 💫 in your life.

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How it all began…

Love Yourself Like You Love Your Cat

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Love & Above Cat Club is for The Beautiful Soul who…

white kitten sitting and looking into the distance, another picture below it, of and gray tabby kitten curled up, laying down and looking at the camera