What is "Love and Above"?

me and Cumin

Although Love and Above Cat Club was inspired by my soulcat, Cumin (you can read more here and here), it was founded for ALL of us who love our cats "above and beyond" but don’t seem to love ourselves nearly the same way. At least not yet, or not consistently.

For instance, so many of us feed our cats better than we feed ourselves.

So then, how did it become the Love and Above Cat Club...?

After all, you would think it would the Above and Beyond Cat Club.


Well, love and above is a phrase used to describe positive, uplifting emotional frequencies.

Everything vibrates and has a frequency to it.

Power vs Force book

I first learned about this in the '90s and later read an incredible book, Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins. He developed the concept of emotional frequency.

The idea is that our emotions sit at different vibrational levels and these levels contribute to our mindset, and then our behavior.

Looking at the Map of Consciousness from the book below, you can see how lower frequencies such as anger, guilt and shame contribute to a negative mindset while higher frequencies like love and joy contribute to a more positive one.

Love is at a frequency of 500.

Somewhere along my path, I was told that one cannot vibrate at two different frequencies at the same time, so the phrase I used to hear was “love OR above.”

This phrase was used like a goal:
identify what emotional state you’re in and then reach for the next one on the rung in hopes of getting to "love or above" on the scale.

white kitten sleeping in the sun

But as time went on, I resonated more with the concept of “love AND above.”

When I think about how we love our cats, loving them “above and beyond” is exactly that… "love and above.”

It’s love, it’s joy, it’s peace, it’s enlightenment…it’s all of it!

We cat lovers are so fortunate because our cats love us the same way.

And the extra benefit is that even when we’re not in the best emotional state, what helps us? Our cats. Just moments with them, a look, a glance, a purr can take us from a lower frequency to a higher one.

Think about it, there must be a higher love
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above
Without it, life is wasted time
Look inside your heart, and I'll look inside mine
Bring me a higher love

~ "Higher Love" (song written by Steve Winwood & Will Jennings); I love Whitney singing it here in this remix by Kygo


With Love and Above,

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