Father's Day: My Dad, The Cat Daddy

Where do we get our love for animals?

black cat with white paws

Sometimes I think it’s an intuitive draw to help heal trauma and sometimes I think it can run in the family.

Or both.

My parents are animal lovers, but my Dad and that side of my family would be considered the “crazy” animal people.

My Dad: The Cat Daddy

My Dad has trapped, fixed and rescued every single cat that appeared at his workplace. (Cats know where to find us!)

I can’t even tell you how many he’s actually brought home too!

Currently, he has seven cats, one dog, and five hens!

Definitely more than just a Cat Dad, maybe an “All Dad!”

By the way, I recently watched the documentary Cat Daddies and loved it! If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend it! (I watched it on Amazon Prime.) I think my Dad was one of the "OG" Cat Daddies, before it was cool and widely accepted. (And Harold A., if you’re reading this, you may be one of the originals too! 😉)


I didn’t grow up with my Dad

but my brother and I would visit him every summer.

It was a big deal, too, because we were just 4 and 6 years old, on the airplane from the “big city” of Honolulu to the rainy small town of Hilo, Hawaii.

At the time, my Dad was a 24-year old auto mechanic, living in a 1-bedroom 1-bath apartment that was set up behind Leung’s Chinese restaurant.

The roof was corrugated tin and the kitchen had a big window that looked out to the busy main street.

old photo of gray tabby cat laying down

I loved the lunches my Dad would make for us - a bowl of Campbell’s Chunky Soup with little round sirloin burgers in it and a hot dog sandwich. Not a dog in a bun, but a hot dog sandwich. It was made of fluffy white bread with the hot dogs cut in little circles, placed meticulously on the bread, almost like a Connect Four game. (Come on, my Gen X peeps. Connect Four, right?)

Just Dad, Meaning: Home

Maybe I could feel the love in the preparation, maybe it was because it was novel to be eating this kind of fun food, or maybe it was just because I was with him and my brother eating together on the floor of the living room with our food on the coffee table.

This felt like home.

old photo of a tortoise shell cat's face

At night I’d be tucked into blankets, falling asleep to the melodies of the rain playing on the rusted tin roof. I was warm, belly full, and with music in my ears.

And the next day we’d be going to visit the cats!

I wanted to share this sweet memory that came up as I was thinking about Father’s Day.

Sending love to you today and some extra, to the Cat Dads out there!

Siena and Dad in the '70s and '90s

💌Love Note: Cats, food, and love have always been intertwined in my life. There’s a fun Instagram account by an artist @mj.majcha who takes images of food and turns them into cats! Check it out!


  • Bonnie

    What wonderful, special, cat-filled memories! Love!
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Thanks, Bonnie! Hope you, Chester and Jessica have a great 4th and stay COOL!

  • Sam

    This was so pure. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Father’s Day to dads of cats, people, themselves, and all beings!
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Aw, Sam. Thank you. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog, commenting and also for your wishes to all the Dads out there!!

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