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Love & Above Consultations

Private 1-to-1 sessions to help cat lovers navigate
life challenges with success.

Including challenges in
health • relationships • job/career
personal & spiritual purpose
self-love & self-worth

It's not for every cat lover but it might be for you!

We might be a good fit

if you...

❖ My Philosophy

I believe that the sense of feeling stuck, trapped, and even dulled is a normal and valuable phase in the journey of personal and spiritual growth. It often happens over time when we consistently ignore a calling to do/be/explore something different.

More specifically, it often happens when we...

  • limit ourselves to what we think is possible, based on our history and/or our current situation
  • feel un-deserving, or feel that it would be unfair, or not right, for us to pursue a particular path
  • realize we haven't been able to break certain habits, or change the dynamics in a relationship, even though we know it's a problem, we want to change, and maybe even know why we haven't been able to change!

I believe Spirit, Universe, or whatever you want to call it, communicates to us in many ways, but one of these ways is through our feelings of discontent and/or our longings.

I believe these feelings are gifts to us, that, when opened and engaged with properly, can help us become more of who we’re meant to be and who we know we truly are.

❖ My Method

The modalities I use to help clients make changes and make progress are often found in counseling, coaching, and energy healing.

If you're familiar with the world of personal development professionals, you may be aware that counseling, coaching, and energy healing are, conventionally speaking, treated as three separate things.

However, as society evolves, learning more and more, the intersectionality and integration of these modalities are closer to the truth of our world and our being.

My method is a full spectrum approach that embraces this holistic reality – it involves body, mind, and spirit; and past, present, and future, enveloped by the universal energy of love.

So, to be clear, my Love & Above Consultation service is not counseling, or coaching, or energy healing. It's best described as a combination of them.

Love & Above Consultations

combine three elements



Release, repattern, and remove old beliefs that have been holding you back. I bring insights specifically for you and your history and situation, and various forms of support for healing your past.


Present → Future

Gain clarity. Leave each session with clear, doable next steps to make progress on your personal path. I work with you to clarify your situation, your possible futures, and get you closer to your goals, and dreams.


Past + Present + Future

Intuited messages and healing, infused with Life Force energy. I support and guide you to connect more deeply to the source and channel of Life Force in you, as you, for empowered inner healing.

Is This a Good Fit?

Below you'll find some basics regarding logistics, rates, and next steps.


  • Sessions are done via phone
  • Sessions are one hour


  • Love & Above Session: $250. As part of re-imagining commerce for a more humane world, I'm also open to considering sliding scale and non-monetary trades; just let me know in your online form, link below.
  • New clients: included in your first session's fee is a custom flower essence blend made by me, just for you, to support your unique individual process ($75 value)
  • Package rates available, after clients are established
  • Clients receive a 25% discount on all flower essence and essential oil blends

Next Steps

  • If you're curious, the next step is to use this online form to let me know more about you. This does not commit us to a consultation in any way, it's just the next step in helping us know if a consultation might feel right, for both of us.
  • I will follow-up after receiving your info and spending some time with it, usually within one week.
  • If we feel like a good fit, I'll invite you to book your first session.
  • A 15 minute complimentary 'vibe check' via Zoom or phone is available if this would be helpful for you.
  • If you've gotten this far, but don't feel this is for you, you're still invited to email me (siena at loveandabovecatclub dot com) and I'm happy to suggest others who may be more suited to your needs.

Take The Next Step?

Whenever you're ready, you can fill out the form linked below.

Online Form

Things you can do now, even...

before I get back to you

Thank you
Thank you for reading
Thank you for being proactive
in your personal and spiritual growth

A Few Words From Clients

I’m a pretty private person and I’m sure I’m not alone in being fiercely protective of my vulnerability. So when I looked to Siena for energy work, I first wanted to know that whatever was said, shared or felt, would remain guarded by her. Within my first session, that concern evaporated. I was also looking for a safe place with a true listener who didn’t force feedback on me but instead was a partner in my goals or wants.  Siena’s caring nature and empathy were refreshing, as is her chill personality.

Catherine, Insurance Professional (California)

Siena’s intuitiveness naturally brings a sense of peace and calm as one starts to explore their true emotions. She creates an incredibly safe space to open up, dig deep, and sort through the layers. I feel I’ve been able to uncover a true sense of clarity using easy, practical exercises that aim to get to the root of what’s going on inside. Siena knows when and just how much to push, at the same time she allows space, her timing is impeccable. Her kindness, humor, and sensitivity are all icing on the cake. Working with Siena has been a game changer.

Melissa, Singer-Songwriter & Full-Time Mom (California)

Siena’s presence, even over video, is like “ahhhhh.” She’s so intuitive and insightful. Her grace, calmness, and her voice feel like a soul massage!

Lanette, Artist, Poet & Educator (Oregon)
My Credentials, Training, and Experience

Bachelor of Social Work • Master of Science in Holistic Health • Transformational Coaching Certification • Certified Gallup® Global Strengths Coach • Certified Massage Therapist • Reiki Master • Training in Various Energy/Spiritual/Intuitive Arts Healing Work • Over 20 Years of Private Consultation Work