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Trauma-Heal is formulated to support all levels of trauma healing: abuse, disasters, long standing illnesses, surgery, conscious/subconscious, in utero, ancestral/intergenerational, and collective trauma. One experiences trauma anytime one has ever felt unsafe physically or emotionally.

  • Healing past shock or trauma on all levels
  • Soothing, inner peace after trauma or discovery of past trauma
  • Deeper connection to one’s Higher Self to assist in this healing
  • Recovery from deep-seated strain, post-trauma, or scarring
  • Freedom, release and relief, allowing one to move forward with life, to thrive!
  • Core integrity, strength, and immunity, maintaining a strong sense of Self
  • Awareness and healing of painful early emotions absorbed from parents
  • Ability to open emotionally and form deep, committed relationships
  • Emotional transparency; courage to take emotional risks with others
  • Self-acceptance, self-forgiveness; freedom to move forward despite past mistakes
  • Loving awareness of others maintaining appropriate emotional boundaries
  • Warm physical presence and mental vitality; healthy embodiment
  • Unity with deepest part of the Self; sense of inner divinity and wholeness
Ideal For

...those experiencing at least one of the following:

  • Any type of trauma, abuse, tragedy, surgery, long-standing illness, suspecting subconscious, in utero, ancestral/intergenerational, and/or collective trauma
  • Consistent thoughts and feelings of “what’s wrong with me?”
  • Feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life despite work on self or therapy
  • Disconnection of Higher Self from body during shock or trauma; disassociation, unconsciousness, dysfunction or latent illness deriving from past trauma
  • Shattered by severe trauma or abuse; physical or emotional disintegration of Self Identity; poor immune function; vacant presence
  • Feelings of shame, guilt, or unworthiness; fear of exposure and rejection due to prior abuse or trauma
  • Obsession with past events; over-emphasis on guilt or self-blame, paralysis due to excessive self-criticism
  • Unbalanced sympathetic forces, overly absorbent auric field, lack of emotional clarity, dysfunctional merging with others
  • Forgetfulness or poor learning ability, loosely incarnated in body, lacking physical/etheric warmth, especially in bodily extremities; traumatic out-of-body spiritual experiences
  • Shock or trauma, either recent or from a past experience; need for healing and comfort from the spiritual world
  • Profound feeling of rejection stemming from in utero or early childhood experience; avoidance of commitment in relationships, fear of parenthood; sexual and emotional coldness or repression

    Spring water, brandy (preservative), organic and biodynamic flower essences of arnica, evening primrose, pine, pink monkeyflower, pink yarrow, rosemary, star of bethlehem

    Flower Essences for

    the Love & Above Life

    We make flower essence blends for humans. Inspired by the love between them and their cats.

    I’ve known Siena for over 12 years, before there was a My Cat from Hell [Animal Planet TV show]. Siena was my first employee, mixing and blending my flower essences for animals. As much as I’ve worked to create products to better the life and energy of your cats, Siena has done the same for you, the cat guardian, with specially tailored flower essence blends and aromatherapy.

    Jackson Galaxy of Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell"

    Nature As Therapy

    Believe in nature. This is a partnership – with the essences of flowers and plants.

    Gentle yet Powerful

    This is nature's way. It works most beautifully when used with care, love, and respect.

    Ancient and New

    This is energy medicine – similar to acupuncture, Reiki, and Qigong – in a bottle.