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Self-Love is formulated to support you on your self-love and self-care journey; for those who put others’ needs ahead of their own and for those who have trouble saying 'no.'

  • Self-love, self confidence, feeling self-assured
  • Radiant inner light, unattached to outer recognition
  • Flexibility, spontaneity, and flowing receptivity
  • Cleansing and restorative, bringing a sense of inner purity
  • Confidence in creative expression, ability to be spontaneous and take risks
  • Loving and inclusive gestures to others; heartfelt compassion; ability to express gratitude to others
  • Serving others from inner strength, while nourishing one's own needs; acting from strength of inner purpose, saying “no” when appropriate
  • Emotional honesty, acknowledging and working with emotional pain, ability to radiate genuine equanimity and inner peace
  • Ability to tap into health-giving forces for body and soul; lifestyle choices that lead to wellness and wholeness
Ideal For

...those experiencing at least one of the following:

  • Difficulty saying "no"
  • Fatigue and related problems due to self-neglect
  • Feeling weak-willed, dominated by others, acting to please
  • Feeling cut off from love; jealousy, envy, suspicion, anger
  • May find themselves "obsessed" with imperfection or rituals
  • Feeling unclean and impure, needing to release physical or psychic toxicity
  • Feelings of low self-worth, inability to acknowledge or experience one's inner light and uniqueness; self-deprecating
  • Anxiety hidden by a mask of cheerfulness; denial and avoidance of emotional pain, addictive behavior to anesthetize feelings
  • Lack of confidence, expectation of failure, self-censorship, unable to find one's voice or speak one's convictions
  • Rigid standards for oneself or others, asceticism, self-denial; bound by rules, regimens or regulations
  • Difficulty taking inner responsibility for one's healing, lacking in spiritual motivation for wellness, overly dependent on external advice for health choices

    Spring water, brandy (preservative), organic and biodynamic flower essences of agrimony, buttercup, centaury, crab apple, holly, larch, rock water, self-heal