Golden Gratitude Lavender Comfort Heart
Golden Gratitude Lavender Comfort Heart
Golden Gratitude Lavender Comfort Heart
Golden Gratitude Lavender Comfort Heart

Golden Gratitude Lavender Comfort Heart

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Similar to 'worry stones' or 'fidget toys' but without the worry. Each heart fills the senses: the silky soft material and the calming lavender herbs. 

This is a "sensory amulet" you can handle and hold while you breathe in the lavender, to bring more regulation to your nervous system.

Also available: Lavender Comfort Hearts (the original)


"I designed these organic Comfort Hearts to help calm, regulate, and ground you in your body. I partnered with a dear friend of mine who loves to sew to make them. She's a fellow cat lover, too. The original Lavender Comfort Heart heart used pink linen cloth. This one uses a silky smooth-to-the-touch fabric, but still has organic lavender blossoms and flax seeds on the inside. " ~ Siena, founder of Love & Above Cat Club

"It's something that sits on my desk and I use it a lot." ~ Jackson Galaxy, famous cat-lover and host of Animal Planet's My Cat from Hell

  • filled with 100% organic lavender and flax seeds
  • seamless, soothing, comfort to the touch; no zippers or buttons
  • brings comfort with each squeeze and sniff
  • approx. 5" x 4"; approx. 3.5 oz.
  • silky smooth and comforting-soft fabric
  • handmade with love and above by a fellow cat lover

For years lavender has been used for its relaxing and calming properties.

How to Use
  • Keep in your purse/bag, car, or at your desk or bedside
  • Need some comfort? Gently squeeze it. You’ll find this action alone quite regulating; extra tip: squeezing rhythmically adds more regulatory value.
  • Bring the heart up to you and take steady, gentle breaths

 "...fidget items can have some practical uses." People report using them "to calm themselves down, helping them achieve a more relaxed, contemplative, even mindful state." "The items that therapists recommend are primarily tactile – a user holds it in a hand and can manipulate it without looking."

~ Scientific American

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Beautiful and soft, with a wonderful Lavender aroma! A five star item from a five star seller! Highly recommended!

Thank you soooo much, Yves! We're so grateful for you, taking the time to share this. It means the world to our small business.

Robin S.
Great gift!

I bought several for gifts after I purchased one for myself. My friends loved them!

Totally! Wow, you sound like our kind of people :) -- loving, giving, and wanting to share and spread that love with your circle of friends and family. We're so glad you're out there in our world. Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Peace & Blessings.

Pocket sized!

I love keeping this in my jacket pocket. It’s comforting to hold onto when I feel anxious.

Cat L.i.S.
Adorable and calming

The lavender comfort heart is just plain cute but also serves a purpose. When you're feeling nervous, anxious, stressed, or bored, squeeze the comfort heart and breath in the soothing lavender scent. Ahhhh. So relaxing and calming. Small enough to fit in your purse or nightstand, it's sure to be a comfort to you. I'll be buying more as gifts in the future. Thank you Love and Above Cat Club for creating such a unique and cute product!

We're so thrilled that you 'get it' :) ! You really captured the idea of the comfort heart and the everyday way it's meant to help everyone...well...especially cat lovers :) Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, and for your support. We feel it, and we're grateful!

Love my comfort pillow!

I LOVE this unique and fragrant little pillow. I keep it on my bedside and use it to calm my mind - so soft and calming lavender. I bought one for my niece to have as she goes off to college for the first time. Thank you for your continued high quality products!

Thank you sooooo much for this beautiful review. When we're feeling stressed (very understandable, during these uncertain times!) it really does help to have these kinds of simple, heartfelt channels of calming and soothing. Thank you again for your review!

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