Fluorite Crystal Heart
Fluorite Crystal Heart
Fluorite Crystal Heart
Fluorite Crystal Heart

Fluorite Crystal Heart

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Fluorite: mental clearing, harmonizing, and healing

The photos are examples of some of the fluorite crystal hearts we have in stock. When you purchase, we'll pick it for you, either one of the stones pictured, or one similar to it. As products of Nature, each one will be unique. 

 About Fluorite

MENTAL CLEARING, HARMONIZING & HEALING: Fluorite is known to aid in the discernment of complex matters. So it's no surprise that its colors are so serene and calming, like a peaceful ocean or a hushed and verdant forest grove. 

Often referred to as the "Genius Stone" due to its ability to clear mental fog, cleaning the slate for new ideas to come through. Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress, making way for positivity and harmony on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

These Fluorite Hearts are originally from China.

MEANING OF CRYSTALS: All stones have a predisposition for certain things; but ultimately, it’s what they elicit in you that becomes the primary meaning of the stone since they can absorb and transmit energy. We each connect to crystals in our own unique ways. Honor that!

Crystal Care

CARE: To cleanse and recharge, wash in lukewarm water and gentle soap. If feeling inspired, you can also place it in a bowl of water with a drop of your favorite essential oil, leave for a few minutes and rinse. Or you can simply place under the moonlight. For energy/lightworkers, you can also use your modalities to cleanse and clear your stones.

We only offer stones and crystals that can come into your hands through integrity. That means respecting the Earth, with picking done by hand to minimize environmental impact, and no child labor, with all workers and artisans compensated fairly.

Zero risk! All love!

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Customer Reviews

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Best Stone for Calming

I have been carrying this heart with me where ever I go. It lives in a little silk pouch in my purse. After a bad car accident years ago, I have high anxiety any time I am in a car (even when I am not the driver), I pull this little heart out and turn it over and over in my hand and rub it. It really helps take my mind off being in the car.

Thinking of you with the energy and intention of a calm that surpasses understanding. Thank you for taking the time to write and share this. Peace and blessings, with Love & Above....

Beautiful and Unique!

I am very happy with this beautifully unique crystal. I put it on display in my home as a touchstone/reminder.

Stephanie R.
Healing Stone

Everything I've received from this shop is filled with the clearest light energy. So thankful for the ability to buy and especially to share such gifts with those I love.

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