Banded Serpentine Hearts
Banded Serpentine Hearts
Banded Serpentine Hearts
Banded Serpentine Hearts

Banded Serpentine Hearts

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Banded Serpentine: honor your needs & healthy boundaries.

The photos are examples of the type of Banded Serpentine Hearts in our care. When you purchase, we'll pick a great one for you, either one of the stones pictured, or one similar to it. As products of Nature, each one will be unique.

About Banded Serpentine

HONOR YOUR NEEDS & HEALTHY BOUNDARIES: Excellent for meditation, healing, and spiritual development on the next level. In the photos, you can see the bands which inspire its name. 'Serpentine,' of course, evokes the image of a snake or serpent. This stone is associated with activation of Kundalini energies in the body (life force / creative energy), often conceptualized as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. Banded Serpentine is a great self-care stone, as it helps us to honor our own needs, without feeling guilty, and develop healthy boundaries. Especially healing for those who have suffered past trauma and abuse. Also supportive for those experiencing mood swings and blood sugar issues.

These Banded Serpentine Hearts are originally from India.

MEANING OF CRYSTALS: All stones have a predisposition for certain things; but ultimately, it’s what they elicit in you that becomes the primary meaning of the stone since they can absorb and transmit energy. We each connect to crystals in our own unique ways. Honor that!

Crystal Care

CARE: To cleanse and recharge, wash in lukewarm water and gentle soap. If feeling inspired, you can also place it in a bowl of water with a drop of your favorite essential oil, leave for a few minutes and rinse. Or you can simply place under the moonlight. For energy/lightworkers, you can also use your modalities to cleanse and clear your stones.

We only offer stones and crystals that can come into your hands through integrity. That means respecting the Earth, with picking done by hand to minimize environmental impact, and no child labor, with all workers and artisans compensated fairly.

Zero risk! All love!

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Customer Reviews

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Individually beautiful

I couldn't be happier with these, one of a kind, uniquely patterned, serpentine hearts. I purchased 2, one for myself, and I one to gift. Both feel individually suited for us with different swirls of color and bands. Simply gorgeous.

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