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Trauma-Heal is formulated to support all levels of trauma healing: abuse, disasters, long standing illnesses, surgery, conscious/subconscious, in utero, ancestral/intergenerational, and collective trauma. One experiences trauma anytime one has ever felt unsafe physically or emotionally.

  • Healing past shock or trauma on all levels
  • Soothing, inner peace after trauma or discovery of past trauma
  • Deeper connection to one’s Higher Self to assist in this healing
  • Recovery from deep-seated strain, post-trauma, or scarring
  • Freedom, release and relief, allowing one to move forward with life, to thrive!
  • Core integrity, strength, and immunity, maintaining a strong sense of Self
  • Awareness and healing of painful early emotions absorbed from parents
  • Ability to open emotionally and form deep, committed relationships
  • Emotional transparency; courage to take emotional risks with others
  • Self-acceptance, self-forgiveness; freedom to move forward despite past mistakes
  • Loving awareness of others maintaining appropriate emotional boundaries
  • Warm physical presence and mental vitality; healthy embodiment
  • Unity with deepest part of the Self; sense of inner divinity and wholeness
Ideal For

...those experiencing at least one of the following:

  • Any type of trauma, abuse, tragedy, surgery, long-standing illness, suspecting subconscious, in utero, ancestral/intergenerational, and/or collective trauma
  • Consistent thoughts and feelings of “what’s wrong with me?”
  • Feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life despite work on self or therapy
  • Disconnection of Higher Self from body during shock or trauma; disassociation, unconsciousness, dysfunction or latent illness deriving from past trauma
  • Shattered by severe trauma or abuse; physical or emotional disintegration of Self Identity; poor immune function; vacant presence
  • Feelings of shame, guilt, or unworthiness; fear of exposure and rejection due to prior abuse or trauma
  • Obsession with past events; over-emphasis on guilt or self-blame, paralysis due to excessive self-criticism
  • Unbalanced sympathetic forces, overly absorbent auric field, lack of emotional clarity, dysfunctional merging with others
  • Forgetfulness or poor learning ability, loosely incarnated in body, lacking physical/etheric warmth, especially in bodily extremities; traumatic out-of-body spiritual experiences
  • Shock or trauma, either recent or from a past experience; need for healing and comfort from the spiritual world
  • Profound feeling of rejection stemming from in utero or early childhood experience; avoidance of commitment in relationships, fear of parenthood; sexual and emotional coldness or repression

    Spring water, brandy (preservative), organic and biodynamic flower essences of arnica, evening primrose, pine, pink monkeyflower, pink yarrow, rosemary, star of bethlehem