Pen Set for Cat Lovers
Pen Set for Cat Lovers
Pen Set for Cat Lovers
Pen Set for Cat Lovers
Pen Set for Cat Lovers

Pen Set for Cat Lovers

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They're fun and cheeky, but they're also just really good pens! Remarkably smooth writing for all your journaling and jotting needs. (pictured with the Journal of Wild Ideas)

Black ink ball point pens.

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  • I just want to pet all the cats
  • Cats are cheaper than therapy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fun pens for cat lovers

This pen set is so fun. I have also broken it down to give a pen with another gift to friends.
I recently gave the set to a friend who is a writer and cat lover and guess what? She
loved it!

Cat L.i.S.
Too cute for words

These pens are adorable. Pens work well and are super cute - what more can you ask for? These are a must for any cat lover. They also double as cat toys that can be knocked off desks, tables, or counters (LOL).

LOL! :D Love that! Only cat people understand....

Kitty Pens

So cute and fun to use for planner

Perfect Cat Lover Gift

I have several cat lovers on my Christmas list and thought these would be a great gift. And they are!

A fun and different gift for cat lovers

This was a birthday gift and my friend was really surprised. Something new! These pens are very
easy to use and very cool. I have also broken the set down and given an individual pen to friends just for fun.
Gift was beautifully wrapped also.
Thank you.

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