Calm Set + Comfort Heart
Calm Set + Comfort Heart
Calm Set + Comfort Heart
Calm Set + Comfort Heart
Calm Set + Comfort Heart
Calm Set + Comfort Heart
Calm Set + Comfort Heart
Calm Set + Comfort Heart

Calm Set + Comfort Heart

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This bundle includes our CALM Set and Lavender Comfort Heart.

The Calm Set is formulated to support peacefulness and grounded calmness, during times of crisis, stress, trauma, anxiety, and excessive worry. 

💜 A classic mix of organic lavender, 💗geranium and 🧡frankincense oils are perfect for the Calm Aromatherapy Flower Essence Blend. Instantly relaxing and soothing.

  • Calm flower essence blend (1 oz.)
  • Calm aromatherapy flower essence blend (10 ml)

    Lavender Comfort Heart

    I designed these organic Lavender Comfort Hearts to help calm, regulate, and ground you in your body. Each heart fills the senses: the soothing pink color, the supple linen fabric, and the calming lavender herbs. Similar to 'worry stones or 'fidget toys' – except, without the worry 🙏🏻 – these "sensory amulets" invite you to handle them, hold them, breathe in the lavender, and bring more regulation to your nervous system.

    • filled with 100% organic lavender and flax seeds
    • seamless, soothing, comfort to the touch; no zippers or buttons
    • brings comfort with each squeeze and sniff
    • approx. 4.5" x 3.5"
    • approx. 3 ounces
    • 100% linen fabric
    • handmade with love and above by a fellow cat lover

    For years lavender has been used for its relaxing and calming properties.

    - Keep in your purse/bag, car, or at your desk or bedside
    - Need some comfort? Gently squeeze it. You’ll find this action alone quite regulating; extra tip: squeezing rhythmically adds more regulatory value.
    - Bring the heart up to you and take gentle but deep slow breaths

    • Peace and calm
    • Tranquil disposition with an open mind 
    • Ability to complete tasks effectively with confidence, joy and faith
    • Ability to tap into health-giving forces for body and soul; lifestyle choices that lead to wellness and wholeness
    Ideal For

    ...those experiencing at least one of the following:

    • Emergency, crisis, and stress
    • Recovery from trauma
    • Prevention (use this blend to prepare for going into stressful situations)
    • Overwhelmed by personal/professional obligations
    • Feel unable to meet responsibilities and commitments/tasks
    • Worry-bound repetitive thoughts
    • Restless and agitated mind
    • Insomnia

    for flower essence blend: Spring water, brandy (preservative), organic and biodynamic flower essences of elm, self-heal, white chestnut, cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose, star of bethlehem

    for aromatherapy flower essence blend: Organic oils of jojoba, lavender, geranium and frankincense; grain alcohol (preservative), organic and biodynamic flower essences of elm, self-heal, white chestnut, cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose, star of bethlehem


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Love in a drop

    "Calm" drops have helped me to feel more relaxed when I have a
    migraine. I also take them in the middle of the night if I'm not
    sleeping. I feel like I'm giving myself a gift.

    Wow, you're the first person to specifically mention migraines. We're so glad they help you get through a little better. Sending love and above. And good sleeps at night, too :)

    Sam M.
    Does what it says!

    This lovely little roller ball does what it says, it's very calming. Just the physical act of rolling the cool metal ball on your skin is calming. The scent is peaceful. It smells so good. It definitely helps me relax when I feel stressed. I feel like it helps me sleep too. I like to rub some on my feet before going to sleep. Great product, great company. You definitely feel the love as soon as you open the box, and when you hold/use the products.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this :) We really appreciate it. It's so gratifying to hear how you're using and benefiting from our blends. Peace and love.

    Beautiful calming fragrance

    I bought this product to help calm my mind at night and it's done exactly that! I mist my pillow before I go to bed and immediately feel the calmness rush over me. Beautiful scent and quality product. Thank you Love and Above Cat Club, your products and packaging always make me feel so special.

    You *are* special :) We loooove that you're using this for bedtime. Yes. Purrrrfect. Thank you so much for writing this review. Thank you also to the plants for the powerful and gentle gifts they give us :)

    Sam M.
    So Lovely

    This set is lovely. And what an incredible company as well. You can FEEL the loving energy put into everything from the products to website. I received this during an incredibly emotional, difficult time. When those drops touched my tongue, and my nose smelled the roll-on, it felt like an exhale and my shoulders dropped. I didn't realize all the tension in my body that I was carrying. I cried when I opened the package because it felt like a personal hug and much needed love and support. Beautiful. Thank you so much.

    Hello Sam, and thank you so, sooo much for sharing this. 'I didn't realize all the tension in my body that I was carrying.' Right?! So true. And so relatable. We understand and support and love the good energy that you and so many of our fellow cat lovers are trying to be in the world. May this good energy be for yourself, too. With Love and Above....

    Martie S.
    Easy sleeper

    I’ve started misting my pillow and sheets before I climb into bed at night. And my tee shirt too. It is such a relaxing fragrance for my mind and spirit. Soothing too. I’m enjoying this so much. I’m not the best sleeper as a rule. Thank you.

    What a lovely review. Thank you so much! And what a great use for Calm. Sweet, sweet dreams

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