Vegan Iced Creamy Lemonade

2 clear glass cups with midcentury modern style cat designs on them, filled with Iced Creamy Lemonade and garnished with lemon slices

I can’t get enough of the yummy summer treat options out there to help stay cool!

And what I really love is that you can keep a handful of staples like canned coconut cream/condensed coconut milk on hand to whip up recipes on demand!

If you love summer treats, be sure to revisit previous recipes:

Okay, so I’m excited to share with you a new treat that’s now in rotation at our house.

I found it on Instagram (thank you, @plantyou).

And here's my Instagram reel of me making it! Bear has a cameo 😉

...this might just be the easiest recipe I’ve shared with you!

So here we go!

Iced Creamy Lemonade

In a blender (one that can easily blend ice) add:

  • the juice of 4 lemons
  • 14 oz. condensed coconut milk (I love the one by Let’s Do Organics*)
    • *The cans are each 7.5 oz. so if you use both in full, you’ll really be adding 15 oz. vs. the 14 the recipe calls for, which will make it extra creamy! If you don’t want to risk it, use a kitchen scale to measure out your 14 oz.
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3.5 cups of ice

And then blend, blend, blend until it becomes icy, creamy goodness!


For those of you who eat dairy, you could substitute the condensed coconut milk with regular condensed milk.

2 glasses of Iced Creamy Lemonade and a gray cat sitting next to them

🍋How cute is my kitchen helper?? 

I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Let me know if you try it!

With Love & Above,

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  • Maddie

    Thank you for the recipe! I live in South Carolina, so the heat is very extreme right now ( Its gotten up to feeling like 107 degrees).

    Bear is so handsome. ❤️ If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of cat is he?
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Hi Maddie! Oh my goodness! 107 degrees??? How are you and your cats staying cool? You’re most welcome for the recipe. Lmk if you try it! Bear…he’s right here as I’m writing to you and I told him, “Maddie thinks you’re so handsome!” So Bear was part of a litter I fostered. His siblings got adopted so quickly and he was the last one left. I actually brought him back to the shelter so others could meet him but the next day, I went back to get him! Many people have commented saying he’s a Nebelung, which is a relatively newer breed. It’s a German word for mist or fog. But when I did his DNA testing, he’s actually part Russian Blue, Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon, Persian, and a few other breeds. So Bear is mix! Thanks for reading the blog, Maddie and for taking the time to comment!

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