Why I Love Crystals So Much & How They Can Help You Too

Bear, a medium hair gray cat, with crystals next to him

When I was little and everyone else was asleep, I’d climb out of my bed and tiptoe to the living room.

I’d start snooping around the large wood carved china cabinet we had that housed many things, including antique plates, old Catholic statues, and my favorite…crystals!

My great-grandfather on my dad’s side actually mined them himself!

All different sizes, but most on the large side.

The ones I really loved and connected with were the clear quartz and rose quartz.

At the time, I didn’t really know what they were about. All I knew is that I wasn’t supposed to touch them.

But there I was, 4 years old in Tweety Bird pajamas...

clear quartz points on wood

...opening the cabinet and carefully taking one out at a time. Then I’d put that one back and take another one out.

Sometimes I didn’t have enough time and would just open the cabinet door to talk to the crystals.

I’d go see them if I was sad, lonely or angry, but mostly when I was lonely.

When I was feeling happy, I’d just shoot a glance at them and smile while skipping to the kitchen, as if we had a secret language.

I never forgot them and they were always a part of me.

So yes, I was indeed a weirdo.

clear quartz points

But later I would come to understand I was drawn to the crystals by their beauty but also by their vibration and frequency.

It made so much sense why I would go to them when I was feeling sad, lonely and angry. I could talk to them and they would hold not only my secrets but my pain.

Crystals hold energy and emit it.

You can be around or hold a crystal with a joyful frequency and it will help shift your mood. You can hold a crystal and intentionally put all your stress and worries into it and it will help you feel lighter.

But what I love most is that in the middle of a stressful day, I can glance over at the crystals on my desk and I’m instantly transported and reminded of where I’ve come from, what I’m made of.

starry night in an evergreen forest

My favorite quote is:

“Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars.”

― Serbian Proverb

Like many things, I think you’re either drawn to crystals or not.

If you are, consider yourself lucky to have availed yourself of this world of incredible healing and beauty!

If you feel new to it all, here are some...

💌 Love Notes:

  1. Pay attention to what you’re drawn to and start there! Instead of purchasing a “crystal starter kit” go to a crystal store or browse online, and note the crystals that you immediately have a positive response to. Only start with a crystals starter kit if you truly resonate with each of the crystals in it.
  2. When you receive your crystals, cleanse them first. Depending on what type of crystal, you can usually wash in lukewarm water and gentle soap while holding intentions of clearing them. (Do not do this with softer crystals like selenite). All crystals can be cleansed by putting them outside directly on the ground for grounding energy. Even more powerful is putting them outside under the moonlight. Some crystals love the sun too, but be careful as some, like amethyst, will fade overtime if left in direct sunlight. Some stones like citrine and selenite are self-cleansing and clearing.
  3. Close your eyes and sit with your crystal and note what it brings up for you. What do you feel when you hold it? What images come up? How does it feel in your hand? Whatever positive things arise is what this crystal is resonating for you. Anything unpleasant that might have come up is what this crystal can support you in healing.
  4. When you read what others say about a crystal and its meaning, add that to your awareness. I believe that what the crystal brings up for you will always be the primary vibration and frequency, with the other notes being secondary.
  5. Be sure to set a reminder to cleanse and clear your crystals. I’d start with once a month clearing but you’ll start to know if they need it more often or less. The crystal will start to feel heavy and muddy when it needs clearing.
  6. If you love all crystals and have trouble knowing where to start, start with clear quartz. Clear quartz is great for visioning, manifesting and bringing clarity.
  7. Keep crystals on your desk, your altar/meditation space, on the bathroom counter, in a pouch in your bag, in your car, at the front door. Anywhere and everywhere!
  8. You know your own cats the best, but remember that larger sized crystals will prevent cats, other pets, or young children from accidentally swallowing them!

We only offer stones and crystals that can come into your hands through integrity. That means respecting the Earth, with picking done by hand to minimize environmental impact, and no child labor, with all workers and artisans compensated fairly.

Do you have a favorite crystal or crystal story? I'd love to read it in the comments below. My current favorite crystal is a Golden Healer Quartz from a friend and my new Howlite Palm Stone.

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  • Karen Brittain

    Hi Siena, A beautiful book on crystals that I found : Crystals Channeling the Energy of Crystals for Spiritual Transformation
    — Sadie Kadlec.
    Happy Holidays and Thank You for
    Love and Above Cat Club😻☮️❤️🐈‍⬛
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Hi Karen! Thank you so much for the recommendation! I’m going to look it up!

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