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It is a great joy for me to write this blog with the hope that you will find some gems along the way, all in support of your self-care/self-love journey.

My intention is to share the most helpful things I’ve learned on my own healing journey. Topics covered will range from spirituality, creativity, nourishing food, health, beauty, relationships, money, oh...and CATS!

And if there’s something you’d love for me to cover, let me know by emailing me at siena@loveandabovecatclub.com.

Cheers & Love to You on Your Journey!
Siena & Baby Bear


  • Nanette Weimer

    Love your site! The Spirit Cards are beautiful. I just lost my MiMi and just seeing those cards warmed my heart and brought forth the very best of happy memories. Thank you fir that blessing.
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Hi Nanette! You are so welcome here and I’m glad you found us! I’m so sorry to hear about your MiMi. Take a look at the comments on this particular blog: https://loveandabovecatclub.com/blogs/post/the-pain-of-losing-your-soul-cat. They helped a lot of us, myself included. Oh, did you enter Ingrid’s giveaway for the Spirit Cat cards? I love them too!! Looking forward to connecting more, Nanette!

  • Suzanne

    I am so thankful I found your site. I think this is a wonderful thing that you are doing to help others.
    I see several of your aromatherapy blends that I think would benefit me, can you use more than one at a time?
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Hi Suzanne! Thank you so much for your kind words and loving energy! I appreciate it and you! What a great question and we’re actually revising our instruction sheets to address this. Short answer is yes, but stagger the dosing so that each formula can truly get to work on your energy system/subtle energy body. For example, I start my day with the Self-Love roller, I put it on and journal. Right before I start work, I roll on some Revive and I’ll actually apply it throughout the day, sometimes interchanging with Calm, if it starts to get stressful. But I always allow time in between applications vs doing them immediately back to back. I hope this is helpful! Feel free to email me from the contact page and I’d be more than happy to help you create healing regimen using your choices.

  • Love and Above Cat Club

    Happy to meet you!
    — Theo        May 05, 2021
    So happy to meet you too, Theo!

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