Mission Meow: San Diego Community Cats

"It's like herding cats!"

Mission Meow grant recipient Community Cat Foundation of San Diego

How do you herd almost 60 businesses?

You need "Mission Meow"!

Mission Meow is the name of the non-profit we've partnered with since October 2022

They take small contributions from many cat-loving businesses and pool them together, so they can give big grants to community cat groups.

The newest grant was for $16,690!

It went to The Community Cat Foundation in San Diego.

What will the funds be used for?

Mission Meows says:

This grant will be used for a huge catio for the sanctuary and much needed traps, cages, gloves and other supplies.

Here's a pic of the check being presented to some of the group's cat-loving volunteers.

Mission Meow check presented to Community Cat Foundation of San Diego group

This grant means better health and a better life not just for the cats 🐈 (who we love, of course) but the whole community, including humans, too!

This holiday season we're grateful that Mission Meow continues to help small businesses, even tiny ones like ours, make a big difference for cats and small cat-centric groups across the country.

Lots of heartfelt thank yous to Mission Meow and all the small groups who do cat rescue, for all the good faith energy they’re putting into the world.

Let’s keep focusing on love and loving each other, all throughout the year.

If you're a small business and want to pool your contributions with other cat-loving businesses like us, check out missionmeow.org/business-partnerships.

If you want to apply to be a recipient of a Mission Meow grant, the application is at missionmeow.org/grant-applications

Fun fact: It all began with 50 Mission Meow Business Partners in October 2022, and a year later it's up to almost 60.

Mission Meow grant recipient, Community Cat Foundation of San Diego poster

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