Mission Meow: Exciting Before & After Pics from FC3 in Ohio

Don't you love before and after pics?

So do we!

Especially when they're dramatic. 

So we loved this!


BEFORE: a grass lawn

AFTER: a place for feral kitties to recover from spay/neuter surgery: a brand new shed, complete with HVAC, sitting atop a concrete slab.


All of this was possible by pooling together donations from MANY (over 50!) small businesses like ours.

Who does all this "pooling together?" Who orchestrates all the details like which organization gets which grant money?

Mission Meow does!

On August 5th, Mission Meow's founder Sally Williams presented a check for $8,920 to Erin Lydy, founder of a very small Ohio organization that goes by the name FC3 (which stands for Firelands Community Cat Coalition).

Here are a few more pics, courtesy of Mission Meow.

L-R: Sally Williams of Mission Meow, Erin Lydy of FC3

A toast! 

Big cheers to the good cat-loving folks of Ohio's FC3.

We appreciate and applaud the work they're doing to help the cats in their community.


If you're a small business and want to pool your contributions with other cat-loving businesses like us, check out missionmeow.org/business-partnerships.

If you want to apply to be a recipient of a Mission Meow grant, the application is at missionmeow.org/grant-applications.

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