Mission Meow: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work in Missouri

4/5/23: UPDATE! The feral cat dens and recovery cages arrived safe and sound to help your fellow cat lovers work more safely and effectively to help cats in Missouri! Check out these posts from Facebook. And thank you Mission Meow, for bringing many small businesses like ours together with many small cat-centric non-profits!

We've never been to Missouri, but so what?!

This February, we helped send $6,000 to the cat-loving work of Full Circle MO Feral! 😯 The "MO" is for Missouri. 😊

Their volunteers do TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) for their community, and their community cats.

Q: But where did the $6,000 come from???

Mission Meow article in Catster Magazine

A: Well, a bunch of small businesses make small contributions, and Mission Meow, a (new!) nonprofit, makes sure it goes to "small feline focused non profits for use towards a specific well-defined initiative or purchase with defined milestone and completion date."

Check out this write-up on Mission Meow in Catster Magazine!

We're so happy to have been a part of Mission Meow from their very first grant to Catsbury Park in New Jersey, in November 2022.

Grants are issued quarterly for now. 

So this one, the grant to Full Circle MO Feral, is the second.

Mission Meow raised $6,000 for Full Circle MO Feral

Here's the video announcement of February's grant, by Mission Meow's founder Sally Williams (and cat Jamison).

And here's a message from grant recipient, Full Circle MO Feral.

If you're a small business and want to pool your contributions with other cat-loving businesses like us, check out missionmeow.org/business-partnerships.

If you want to apply to be a recipient of a Mission Meow grant, the application is at missionmeow.org/grant-applications.

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