Have More Energy for What Matters Most

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We all have that list...that mental list that collects everything we intend to do but haven't yet done. It's like that drawer in the kitchen that we throw things in when we don't know where to put them! 

Every now and then when we least expect it, often times when we’re knee deep and immersed in all the millions of other things we need to show up for, the list makes itself known. It goes something like, “Oh shoot...I need to call Amy...oh and I have to remember to send the baby gift to my cousin....I have to buy that special glue to fix that vase...I need to repair the scratch in the hardwood floors by the stairs...” Sound familiar? This is the list of things to do that are less emotionally demanding and have a definitive start and end.

But less acknowledged are those other things on the same list, that more often than not get a bit buried by the above and are actually deeper, more emotional, sometimes triggering and a bit more tugging at the heart and spirit. These are things like knowing you owe/want to apologize to a friend because of something that happened the last time you saw her or maybe you might have been wanting to ask someone if there’s anything you did that might’ve offended them as they’ve been acting differently for a while now. It could even be someone who owes you an apology or something someone else did, that has left you feeling a bit incomplete.

That’s why I call these incompletes or loose ends. We can accumulate quite a number of them if we don’t routinely go in and clean them up! Left to build, our energy is dispersed everywhere we have a loose end. Cleaning up your side of the street is about calling your energy back home. I now have a calendar event on my iPhone that goes off every month to remind me to assess any incompletes and schedule completing them. Does this mean I’m working on them every single month? No, but it does hold me accountable for my energy and where I’ve left parts of myself. You absolutely know when you’ve left your energy somewhere. It will nag at you, tug at you until you resolve to call your Spirit back.

How clean is your side of the street? Is there someone you’ve been meaning to call? Is there an email you’ve been meaning to send? Is there a commitment you made that you didn’t follow through on? Do you have a thank you note or gift to send? Or an apology to give? Or does someone owe you an apology and therefore, you need to work on forgiving them in advance?

It matters less what’s actually on your list and more that we hold ourselves accountable for our energy and call our spirits back so we can have clean, pure energy for what matters most to us. And that’s what’s most important.

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