Aromatherapy and Cats

Can Essential Oils Be Safely Used Around Your Cat?

For me and my cat, Bear, the short answer is yes.

black and white cat sitting in front of flowers

But this is a big topic and controversial for many. It was a big decision to create and offer an aromatherapeutic product for cat lovers because I knew I would need to address this topic. As a cat lover and responsible cat guardian I’ve learned and heard from various sources throughout the years. Others have said things like... “only some essential oils are toxic to cats, some oils are not, it depends how you use it, some help with fleas, some help with general relaxation, but some cats can have an allergic reaction to essential oils when ingested, breathed in, or when topically applied, cats can’t break down phenols which are present in some essential oils, and also the sweeping statement: ALL essential oils are toxic to cats.”

I will say, personally, I’ve come to agree with all of these statements. According to the ASPCA, "In their concentrated form (100% undiluted), all essential oils can be a danger for pets when ingested or when the oil is placed on their skin, fur or paws.”

But what are we really talking about here? I think most of us can agree that essential oils, undiluted, can be toxic and even deadly to cats; but can cat guardians safely use essential oils around their cats?

Following strict guidelines, I personally believe the answer is yes; however, every cat and cat guardian is different and everyone will have varying sensitivities.

The most important thing is to go with your gut, in addition to consulting with your trusted holistic veterinarian.

Personally, here are the strict guidelines that I follow:

  • I never use essential oils on cats (or any pets), diluted or undiluted
  • I never use essential oil diffusers in my home
  • I keep all essential oils safely stored and out of reach of cats
  • If I use an aromatherapeutic body spray, I only use pure, diluted hydrosols and spray only in a closed bathroom where my cat doesn’t go; then I turn on the fan to disperse any trace scent left behind.
  • If I light a scented candle, I only use high quality soy or coconut wax candles with cotton wick, scented only with pure essential oils, no synthetic fragrances and I open windows for fresh air and added ventilation.
white cat looking at coffee cup and lavender

These are the guidelines I feel good about using in my home.

I absolutely believe that there are other safe aromatherapeutic practices you can employ around your cat but this is what works for me. And if you feel drawn to use essential oils for your healing, you’ll find what works for you. I felt called to create the Aromatherapy-Flower Essence Blend roll-on because through the years I discovered that both myself and my clients have benefited greatly from the use of quality essential oils combined with flower essences.

It’s important to know that I only use organic, cold pressed or steam distilled, and therapeutic grade oils, diluted (5% dilution which means that only 5% of the roll on is pure essential oil) in a carrier of organic, cold pressed jojoba oil.

To be clear, here is what I feel is the best way to safely use the Love and Above Cat Club Aromatherapy-Flower Essence Blend Roll-Ons:

  • WITHOUT your cat on your lap 😺, shake the bottle, apply on pulse points throughout the day and give it a second to aerate
  • Inhale the incredible oils while your body takes in the energy of the flower essences
  • You’ll find that at this safe dilution, the natural essential oil scent will not remain on your skin like undiluted oils, perfume or synthetic fragrance will. So your cat will not be inhaling this.

In an article published by The Conscious Cat with Ingrid King, Dr. Lynn Bahr says this:

Cats are born without sight or sound and manipulate the first few weeks of life almost completely by smell. Scent is an essential component of their existence. I urge all owners to become more aware of the effects all of the products they use in their home and on their bodies have on their cats that live indoors.

white cat standing next to flowers

These are words of wisdom. And with that, the use of aromatherapeutic products on your body is a very personal choice. Consult with your holistic veterinarian, do what feels right to you and what you feel is best for your cat!

Important please read:
Caution: Possible skin sensitivity. Discontinue use immediately if redness or irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician before using.

Flower essences work best as part of a holistic self-care program. They are not for those looking for a quick fix or magic potion. Their effect can be subtle yet powerful and work most beautifully when used consistently, with the utmost care, love and respect. Consult your doctor before adding any new product to your health care regimen. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Legal Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • lori

    Hi there. I find your message confusing. You say YES to oils being safe to use around cats but the strict guidelines that you use in your own home that were shared in this article would leave me to believe the answer should be NO . It’s confusing & can be dangerous to those feline owners who don’t always read in between the lines. Just thought I should bring that to your attention. Best regards
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Thank you for commenting, Lori! I know it’s going to help others who read this blog and feel the same as you. The whole topic of aromatherapy and cats can indeed be confusing to navigate because there really are many differing opinions out there, even amongst the cat experts. (In fact, just recently, I saw several cat experts express that some essential oils are not only safe for cats but therapeutic as well). What I’m attempting to address in this blog post is the cat guardian’s use (the human’s use) of essential oils on themselves vs. use on their cat. As you can see from my strict guidelines, I’m not comfortable using aromatherapy that will diffuse throughout the home for my cat to consistently inhale. In terms of my aromatherapy + flower essence rollers, I am comfortable using them on myself, around my cat. The essential oils in each roller are at a 5% dilution, you roll them on your skin, inhale and take it in. The scent doesn’t linger and although some will be dispersed in the air, it’s at a much lower amount than spraying aromatherapy or using a diffuser. I created the aromatherapy + flower essence line for those cat guardians who already use aromatherapy on themselves and are comfortable with that choice. For those who don’t but are interested in flower essence as a healing modality, I do offer the flower essence tinctures that don’t contain any essential oils whatsoever. At the end of the day, it’s up to each cat guardian to decide if it feels right to use aromatherapeutic products on themselves or not. Thank you again for starting this conversation! I do appreciate it! ~Siena

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