An Unexpected Mother's Day Story: Harold & Maude

Mother energy is said to be the most powerful, radiant, nurturing, and unconditional of all energies.

This Divine Feminine lives in all of us, even in Harold.

Wait! Who’s Harold?!

Let’s rewind a bit so I can tell you the story.

The other week, my friend Chery texted a picture of a beautiful big ole’ tom cat. He was gray and white, with that chunky round face only tom cats have.

And what a face! I fell in love! His name was Harold.

I found out that Harold was trapped at a nearby park and finally neutered. Although it turned out he needed some dental work, he tested negative for FIV and FeLV.

It’s like he went through a car wash 🚙 🧼 and came out all shiny and new: flea-treated, microchipped, vaccinated, and with sparkling teeth. 😁

Of course, everyone assumed Harold was feral.

After all, they’d see him at the park where he’d be fed alongside other colony cats.

But in recovery, slowly and surely, Harold started enjoying being pet.

He became less shy as the days went by.

So of course, nearly everyone felt he deserved to live a comfortable new life indoors.

(A note: many people in rescue believe that a cat found outdoors, trapped and spayed/neutered must be returned to where he/she was found vs. adopted out. Much of this philosophy comes from the fact that many of these cats are truly at home in the outdoors and will live their "best life" there. But this is also due to the fact that so many non-feral cats need homes.)

We put the call out on social media and many people shared Harold's sweet story.

Soon, this wave of love swept over Courtney, the beautiful human being who trapped him, and she decided to foster him until he found his forever home. This was a tough decision because Courtney already had a house filled with loved animals but she made room in her heart and home. 

Now we could end the story there...

But there’s more!

A few weeks later, Courtney trapped a kitten.

Turns out, this kitten had been seen with Harold a lot, back in his street days.

In fact, Courtney had originally been trying to trap both of them.

Maybe Harold was her dad?

As soon as she brought the kitten home, the kitten and Harold exchanged quick glances, with Harold reassuring her she’d be okay. Then after the kitten went through the car wash (sans dental) she was reunited with Harold. She was named Maude.

Instantly, they remembered each other and Harold easily resumed his nurturing role with Maude.

Now we’re hoping they’ll find a home together!

And now you know: That’s Harold!

And I contend that Mother Energy, the Divine Feminine, lives in him, too!

I think Mother Energy, the Divine Feminine, lives in all of us.

Mother energy:

where we source compassion, benevolence, and understanding.

Some of us are lucky enough to have a human role model for this energy, related or not.

All of us are invited to nurture this energy within ourselves.

Although I still struggle nurturing myself at times, it’s second nature to be in this space for Bear and all the cats I’ve been a guardian for. In fact, it’s a true joy!


I think that's what I especially love about kittens! They are like little sponges thirsty and ready for Mother Energy! But they change as they grow. For example, Bear, who will be 7 this year, nurtures me a lot of the time. And the one thing in common, whether kitten or cat, is the unconditional love we receive from them.

How lucky are we, that this Divine Mother Energy is everywhere.

In fact, wherever you’re reading this, I bet you’re surrounded by this Love!

Happy Mother's Day!


  • Angel

    I hope they find a home together. I love their story! Thank you for sharing the love!
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    I hope so too, Angel! Thanks for reading! Sending love to you, MuShu and 😇 Phoebe!❤️

  • Chery Rasmussen

    Thank you for sharing the journey of Harold and Maude💗
    I just know all this Beautiful Loving Nurturing Mother Energy is going to help them find a forever home together 💗🐾💗🐾💗
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Happy Mother’s Day Chery, Mother of Cats 😹I’m so grateful you shared Harold and Maude with me so I could also share with our readers! Have a wonderful day!

  • Marjorie Stein

    What a beautiful and touching story for Mother’s Day!!!!! My darling Piper is my gift on this day and every day! Thanks for making my Mother’s Day!!!
    Marjorie Stein
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Thanks for reading, Marjorie! And thank you so much for you lovely card❤️ I’m so happy Piper enjoyed the toy!

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