The Power of 10 Minutes for Emotional Release

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I don’t like to exercise.

But I like walking outside leisurely and looking at trees and the sky and noticing things I’ve never consciously seen before.

Maybe what I don’t like is structured exercise

...where you feel like a prisoner, watching the clock until it’s over!

My partner, Toast, on the other hand, loves to exercise.

It’s not uncommon to hear her say “I’m so excited for my workout tomorrow!”



Thrilled for her, but that ain't me.

gray tabby cat

And so, recently, I was so proud of myself for completing a whole planned series of workouts!

Yup, I did it.

I absolutely know it was because the program boasted that it was only 15 minutes per session.

I know without a doubt that that’s why I was able to do it.

Psychologically, I was like, “It’s only 15 minutes. I can do this.”

And I did it!

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What I loved about it

What I loved about it was...

  • how I felt after it was all over
  • I felt exhausted in a good way
  • where you know you’re going to sleep like a baby
  • and I loved having perspired and given my body that detoxing opportunity
Bear the gray cat in clear mesh tunnel

I feel grateful to have those workouts as a go-to in the future.

But I’m moving on to a different kind of workout now and I’ll tell you why.

Exercise Must Support What's Going On In Our Lives

I know my workouts must support what season and phase I’m in, where I’m at.

And now, as my schedule is about to ramp up in intensity...

I need exercise that's more calm, present, soothing-yet-releasing, and also quick!

Enter: The Class, for Caregivers

This reminded me of an absolutely loving 10-minute workout by Taryn Toomey, creator of The Class.

Normally, "The Class" workouts are 30-60 minutes each, and demand serious vigor, but what they have above many other classes is that they spread moments throughout them, where you check in with yourself and how you feel.

It’s all built into the session.

There's a particular 10-minute version of The Class made by Taryn during the start of COVID, especially for caregivers.

Without discounting those providing 24/7 care to any loved one (bless you!), I feel we all need this workout.

It creates a safe space to help you access your emotions and honor how you feel in the moment.

It’s beautifully loving and releasing, and I hope you try it!

Here it is!

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