Our First Year: a beautiful guide to support your self-care

Hello My Dear Fellow Cat Lover,

I can barely believe that on March 9, it will be one year since the virtual doors of Love and Above Cat Club opened, in the middle of the pandemic.

March 9 is also a special date because it's Cumin's birthday. Cumin is my soul cat who inspired Love and Above.

You can read more about Cumin and the philosophy of Love and Above Cat Club here.

One of our main slogans here at Love and Above is to Love Yourself Like You Love Your Cat.

These are difficult times.

So we're here to help us cat lovers live the "love and above" life. 

Kitten picture of Cumin my soul cat and inspiration for Love and Above Cat Club

To that end, I created a guide to help support your self-care and self love.

I love beauty. And beautiful things.

I believe beauty nurtures the soul.
This guide is 19-pages, and beautiful.

It's called Your Guide to Creating a Daily Practice That Lasts: a Primer for Self-Love.

thumbnails of pages from the guide


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Thank you for being on this journey with me.

I hope most of all that Love and Above Cat Club is where you know you're loved.

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