Sprays for Spring! NEW Products!

...and it's NOT 'Cashmere Bouquet'! 😂

When I was in the 4th grade, I borrowed a book at the library about soap.

It taught me how to make liquid soap and also how to do soap carvings.

I remember my Grandma walking all through the house saying,

“What happened to all our soap? Why is there no soap?”

I had taken all the soap bars out of the bathrooms and kitchen to start my projects!

It won't surprise you to know my first carvings were a heart ❤️ and a cat 😸.

I’ve always loved the smell of soap.

Back then we didn’t know about "clean" products, that is: products without over-processed or harmful chemicals. The only “clean” soap was Ivory. My favorite was my Grandma’s special soap that was only in her bathroom: Cashmere Bouquet, a classic, originating from 1872! It smelled like baby powder and flowers.

Although the smell would bring back many memories, I probably wouldn’t be able to use it today.

I’m very particular about the products I use.

Many years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder and gene mutation that makes it difficult for the body to detox.

To help myself, I use the purest products whenever possible and try to eat clean.

But I’ve always gravitated towards scents and a new world opened up for me when I studied aromatherapy.

I was amazed at the therapeutic benefits of 100% real oils extracted from plants and flowers. In fact, I remember a prison reform assignment in my Social Work class. One of my suggestions was installing timed aromatherapy diffusers throughout the facilities to uplift, and flower essences for anger, self-love, and forgiveness.

Over the years, I've made for myself, and as gifts for others, bath salts, orange milk baths, face oils, and crystal-infused sugar and salt scrubs all with organic and biodynamic essential oils and flower essences.

What's pertinent to this blog post, though, is something else!

And it's the easiest to use!

Flower Essence + Essential Oil Sprays

I cannot live without my sprays.

Now, I may be biased 😉 but I always have 2-3 sprays in my bathroom at all times. I like storing them in the bathroom because anytime I’m in there, I see them and am reminded to use them. 

(It’s a personal decision to use any scented products on yourself when you have a cat. For me, I don’t use anything synthetic, I don’t wear perfume, and I don’t even diffuse essential oils in our home. The main thing you want to remember if you do any of these things is to always be sure your cat has choice: that they can leave the room if you’re diffusing oils. I wrote a whole other post about Aromatherapy and Cats, too.)

My Behind The Scenes

Currently, the sprays I made for myself, that I have on my shelf, are based on Self-Love, Strength, and Purpose.

I shake the bottle and spritz myself with Strength and then Purpose right before I start work. Throughout the day, when I need a boost, I spray more Strength. After my evening shower and before bed, I spray on Self-Love.

I find the sprays refreshing and instantly therapeutic!

And now...

New for Spring, sprays for you!

Sprays of Our Flower Essence + Essential Oil Blends (for external use only)

We're beginning with just three to start: Calm, Revive, and Self-Love.

I chose these because they're foundations for self-care.

And here's a fun overview of these blends, now available in spray form: excerpts from testimonials 😊

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️



Calm: P.D. said: "I've been using these blends for a week now and can feel such a change with my anxiety & stress. I never go anywhere without them!"


Revive: Cheryel said: "I love the fragrance and especially how it made me feel. 💟 I felt like I was breathing deeper and breathing in healing energy. ...moved through my day feeling motivated and energized. I dropped over 50 pounds and feel that Revive was a powerful tool in my weight loss process. Today I feel stronger and healthier." 


Self-Love: T.R. said "I use this one, when work is getting me down. It helps to remind me that I CAN take on those new tasks, and do them well--because I am good at what I do."

Here's a sample regimen using all three sprays.

Revive: use upon waking and through first half of your day

Self-Love: use in the evenings and before bed and/or after your shower

Calm: as-needed, for stress, anxiety, or insomnia


Let me know if you have any questions!

P.S. (If you’d like a Strength or Purpose, send me an email and I can make it for you as a special order!)


  • Lori

    I’m so excited that you are adding some sprays! I personally love the rollerballs but Asa has benefited so much from flower essence sprays that I want to try them too! The release of your new sprays is all perfect timing too because this season of life is extra challenging. Thank you so much for blessing us all with your talents and gifts!
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Hi Lori! Thank you so much for your kindness and love! The Revive spray is ideal for challenging times especially if you’re feeling drained by it all. If you find you need a bit more support then I’d suggest Strength, which I am always happy to whip up for you since we don’t currently have it available as a spray. Thanks again and give sweet Asa boy a kiss for me!

  • Sue Williams

    I love this! And Me too—Memories of soaps and making new memories now. You are just my cup of tea at just the right moment. ❤️ I have recently watched videos of soapmakers creating their own. Inspiration.
    I’m very excited for your Spring Sprays! Question: What would you recommend for a “Digital Detox/Decrease” and what follows after it, what I am calling the “Reconnect to Organic/Real Life.” Thank you!
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Hi Sue! Are you making your own soap? Oooh! So excited for you! I find watching videos of people creating quite calming and yes, inspiring! What a great question regarding digital detox and then the reconnect. I would recommend Calm for both the detox and reconnect. Calm helps with anxiety and that’s generally when digital brings up for me. You might also consider Protection which has an essence in it to protect us from EMFs and such! Hope that helps!

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