"Mother" Is An Energy

Happy Mother’s Day!

grey cat with half-closed eyes, lying in someone's arms

I know this day can be full of mixed emotions as some of us don’t have our moms/mom-figures with us any longer, while others never had such a secure role model at all.

Without minimizing any of these experiences, I’d love to shine a light on all the beautiful ways we’re nourished and nurtured, whether by self or by others.

For some of us, our most secure relationships are those with our cats, so it may be difficult to receive anything from humans.

But if you ponder for a moment on all the ways you were shown kindness in the past week, something will come up.

It might be someone holding the door open for you or it might’ve been a smile from someone at the grocery store or some unexpected sentiment in an email/text you received.

These seemingly small connections are beautiful waves of nourishment.

Now let’s take a look at nature.

Below are photos I took at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon this past April.

rows of pink tulips

There’s a reason they call her “Mother Nature.”

We can always count on nature to nurture us!

rows of red tulips

Just stepping outside and standing barefoot on a patch of grass, smelling a flower in the garden or even in a bouquet of flowers you bought for yourself is nourishing.

But my favorite is going on a walk and taking in everything you see, smell, hear, and touch and letting it permeate your Being!

I was walking down the sidewalk just today, and this dogwood tree stunned me with its beauty!

dogwood tree fully of white blossoms


These are just a few ways the Universe nurtures us.

But we also have the capacity to nourish and nurture ourselves.

And while our inner child may kick and scream at this thought because, well, we should’ve been nourished and nurtured by our caregivers, our spiritual growth calls on us to receive the Infinite Mother's energy from within as well.

Bear gray cat on someone's shoulder

(photo above: baby Bear on my shoulder)

One of the wonders of the world is how we all have so much in common, and at the very same time, are utterly unique.

Our uniqueness and depth means that no one person can know us fully and completely.

This is why at some point, we’ll need to parent/mother ourselves.

And this goes for those who do have their moms around, too.

There's just a level of nurturing and self-care that is ours to do, for ourselves. 

I think you can feel that.

close-up of a cat's face

This is part of what it means to love ourselves – receiving the nurturing from others/Nature and nourishing ourselves.

Mother energy is everywhere.

It’s all around us and it lives within.

Tune into it and breathe it in.

On this Mother’s Day, take a moment to acknowledge all the ways you’re nurtured and loved and also celebrate what an incredible Cat Mom you are!!! (And yes, this goes for Cat Dads too because Cat Dads have Mother energy!)

(The close-up of the cat in the photo above is Cumin, the soul cat who inspired Love & Above Cat Club.)

With Love & Above,

💌 Love Note: Sit and close your eyes. Wrap your arms around yourself, take a deep breath and on the exhale, squeeze! Take a deep breath and repeat. I find this self-hug (way better than self-help, don’t you think? :-) very soothing! Now do it one more time. Okay, that one was from me and Bear! Happy Mother's Day!

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