Find Your People & They Will Lift You Up

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I thought for sure he was a stray (but he wasn't). He was covered head to toe in bumps from what looked like flea dermatitis.

He was sleeping in a sun patch, on the mat at my front door.

That was the first time I saw him. 

It would be the first of several firsts in my learning about cats...and life.

Song the cat lying on a carpet

Song the cat was quiet, determined, passionate, dignified, and so full of faith and love. He seemed to be primarily siamese lynx point with gem-like blue eyes, cream-colored fur with espresso tips and stacked rings on his tail.

No collar and no care in the world, he stretched out to make himself longer to soak up more sun patch. I offered him some water and a spoonful of canned food which he slurped up with abandon.

I looked forward to the afternoons when he would show up like clockwork. After all, I had the perfect sun patch for him…and snacks.

I soon discovered he belonged to a neighbor right across the street.

As she watered her yard, she yelled out to me,

“Don’t worry about the bumps! It’s just from fleas. I ran out of flea meds!”

I offered her some of Cumin's meds and by the end of the week, Song's fur was lush, soft, no bumps! Soon his bald patches grew in and I could really see him in his regal glory!

Song visited daily and before plopping down on the mat, he’d sit in front of the screen door and just look inside and look at Cumin.

Song the cat with black cancer on his ears

One day I noticed black crusted lesions on his ears.

I learned from his guardian it was cancer.

She said there was nothing they could do.

My heart just dropped. His guardian and I talked a lot about possible options but she didn’t believe any would work.

Now it gets tricky, right?

Song is not my cat and I can’t tell his guardian what to do.

This was the first time I was ever confronted with just how different standards of care can be from one guardian to the next.

So I painfully watched his cancer grow with each visit while being guilty of sneaking some baby sunscreen on his ears and vitamin C in his snacks.

Then on one extraordinarily hot day, Song wasn’t on the front mat.

I didn’t know where he was.

Turns out, he was sleeping under another neighbor's car.

And he got his hind leg rolled over.

Still, he hobbled up my front stairs, leg dangling, to let me know he needed help. He was amazing, with his calm demeanor and his knowing that everything happens for a reason.

His guardian wasn't home so I took him to emergency myself.

The whole experience was so stressful, from whether Song was going to be okay to the financial aspect and then the legality of it all.

By the time I reached his people they thanked me but said to just put him down.

I looked in his eyes and they still had a spark. It was just his leg. I knew Song had more life to live, despite his leg, despite his cancer.

Song recovering from leg and ear surgery, on a solid baby blue blanket

I assumed the responsibility and took the doctor's advice to have his leg amputated (vs. putting a pin in it) and his ear tips removed of cancer. We rushed together a yard sale that weekend to help raise money towards his $6,000 bill, which today would probably be over $10k. 😱😩 (No GoFundMe's or social media to put out a call for help, in those days.)

His healing went incredibly smoothly although we had a rough start.

His guardians didn’t agree with what I chose to do and said they’d take care of him from here.

But can you believe, despite trying to keep him indoors, Song would jump off his bedroom balcony and hobble to my house???


Finally, his guardians gave up and Song spent his recovery with me.

I set a few alarms through the night and would gently carry him like Superman flying in the sky to the litter box as his leg healed.

His ears healed beautifully and the cancer never came back.

Then one day, his original people just picked up, moved away, and left him behind.

Song sleeping on a bright blue blanket

That’s when we officially became his people.

Song lived many long, happy and healthy years.

And do you know, not once did I ever hear his meow?

Song taught me a lot about faith and love.

No matter what he went through, he was always so full of gratitude. He knew that Life was happening FOR him and not to him.

He also reminded me:
find my people and love them well!

They will lift you up so that you can fly high in the sky, like Superman ⭐️

Song the cat sitting up wearing a knit sweater of muted colors

💌Love Note about responsible cat guardianship: I noticed after the surgery he leaned on the cold side, hence the occasional sweater. But cats regulate well and normally don’t need sweaters.....even though they’re cute in them😻


  • Denise

    Oh how I love this story 💗. These cats are so blessed to have you as their earth angel. It is people like you that make the world a better place.
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Aw, thank you and thanks for reading, Denise! Song will always be in my heart! Sending lots of love to you for the holidays!

  • Harold Anderson

    What a Wonderful Story about Song, He was very blessed to have you as his family,

    It reminds me of Shiloh, in June of 2020 she was abandoned at my work, (we saw her being dropped off early that morning on the security cameras after I rescued her)
    and right from the start I knew that there was something different about her, we have had cats show up before and they usually run away/hide or have to be trapped to get them cared for.
    But Shiloh was just lying on the sidewalk entrance to our office doors, when went out a side and door and came up to her she got up and came to me, she was literally a walking Skelton weighing a little over four pounds, I picked her up and put her in a crate and took her home, there was no resistance or struggle,
    at home I put her in the bathroom of the office/den, it has a walk in shower that I never use so I put blankets down and put out some food and then sat down to watch her eat and let he know that i wasn’t a threat, after only a few bites she came and crawled into my lap and began purring, I have never had a cat do that within less than an hour at the house, especially since she was a senior cat the VET estimated her to be over 15 years old.
    she wanted to receive and give love more than she wanted food,
    a trip to the VET revealed multiple medical conditions, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, kidney isssues, and a very severe case of UTI,
    but in spite of multiple medications and lots of trips to the VET she continued to show love to everyone she met, all of the doctors and Techs absolutely loved her, she let them all pet and cuddle with her, she moved from lap to lap showing love to the all,
    in the 27 months she was with me she never hissed, growled, or showed and aggressive behaviors towards me or anyone who visited or the others cats, they all quickly accepted and loved on her.
    sadly kidney disease won out and she let me know that her work here on earth bringing Peace, Love, and Happiness was coming to a close and it was time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge and begin her new life.
    I took her in to the Vet near closing time so I could spend the entire day loving on her, and when I arrived Every Doctor, Tech, and Office staff members were waiting there to say goodbye. she let them all hold her for one last time purring away, and she crossed the bridge on my lap resting on her favorite personalized blanket,
    She came into our world in the midst of overwhelming fear, confusion, anger, distrust, and hated surrounding the Covid pandemic and social unrest that had gripped us, and she lived up to her name Shiloh, Which means “Peace”
    I know that both she and Song and enjoying each others company in the never ending fields and meadows across the Rainbow Bridge.
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Harold, wow. Incredible. It really feels like a miracle, this story of what happened with Shiloh. Some beings, and the circumstances they come to us in, seem to be Just That Way. A gift not available for purchase, anywhere :) Just a gift from Life and the Universe. Thanks for taking the time to share about Shiloh. I hope other cat lovers will read and be blessed to learn about her. I know Siena’s going to Love it. ~ Toast

  • Marjorie

    What a heartwarming story. Song was so blessed he wound up in your care!!! You are truly an angel!
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Thank you, Marjorie! We were so blessed to become his people!! I didn’t mention this in the story, but Song’s original family found him on the streets. He was still a kitten, by a dumpster, eating spaghetti from a thrown-away take out container. Despite our differences in care, I’m forever grateful that they took him in and that we eventually found our way to each other!

  • Angel

    You are truly an Angel!!! What a beautiful story! Love love
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    I’m so glad you loved this story! Song was truly OUR Angel! 😇

  • Sue Williams

    So beautiful. This story touches my deep heart. I can relate to those (painful) feelings of not being the guardian of an animal who can heal from a modality that you’re familiar with, but it’s not your choice to make. So grateful you were able to save and help Song heal.
    Love and Above Cat Club replied:
    Thanks, Sue! Definitely not my choice to make but so painful especially because he’d visit me everyday! I loved him so much and I’m so grateful that in the end we got to be his people! 🥰

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