Our 2nd Anniversary: Love and Above Cat Club Turns Two!

When I first started Love and Above Cat Club, I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I mean, I knew I wanted to help cat lovers love themselves like they love their cats.

I didn’t know if that could be a business, though, really.

All I knew is that after Cumin passed, it hit me hard, just how much I relied on her to love me vs. me loving my own self.

There was so much love between us that I didn’t really think much about love for myself, I just wanted to love her…until she passed and then there was this loud gaping hole where our love had been.

It took several years before I could feel both Cumin, and our Great Love, still there, still here.

Q: Guess what else is still here?

A: Love and Above Cat Club!

We will be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary on March 9th, 2023, which is also Cumin’s birthday.

Yay! 😅

In Our Second Year:

  • We took a big leap to join other small businesses in helping cats through Mission Meow.
  • We learned that our most popular flower essence and essential oil blends were CALM, HEART-HEAL, REVIVE, and SELF-LOVE.
  • We added more self-care products like Handcrafted Soaps, Dry Skin Therapy cream, and the Witch Cats Oracle Deck, to the shop.
  • And we filled several orders that were placed as gifts for your friends and loved ones. Those were great. We got an extra thrill when you used the 'Date Picker' during checkout, to tell us exactly what day to put it in the mail.

Thank you.

  • Thank you for supporting our small business.
  • Thank you for following us on social media, commenting, and for sharing our posts.
  • Thank you for taking the time to read our blogs and for commenting.
  • 🎁 Thank you for telling your friends about us, and giving them gifts from our shop.
  • Thank you for trying our flower essences when some of you were only just learning what they were for the first time!
  • Thank you for buying our handmade, hand sewn goodies!
  • Thank you for sharing your stories and your cats with me!
  • ✏️ Thank you for writing product reviews!

Thank you for believing in what we’re doing.

    As a new business still trying to establish ourselves, we are constantly tweaking, formulating, and changing things.

    And so...

    Coming soon will be...

    Flower essence SPRAYS that include essential plant oils! And as always organic and biodynamic. Also, an incredible Energy Clearing Spray, and mini on-demand digital courses especially for empaths: our first topics will be cultivating self-love, and also, creating a sacred, loving space and experience for your cat’s transition, which is what I did for Cumin.

    Cheers to spending another year (and more), together!


    • Angie

      Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary Love and Above Cat Club! Thank you for your amazing products, thoughtful blogs, and the support and love that you offer us cat lovers. I love that you’re now helping cats through Mission Meow too! I’m excited to see what year 3 brings.
      Love and Above Cat Club replied:
      Thank you so much Angie! Give Boxer and Shepherd a love boop kiss for me!

    • Sue Williams

      Happy Heavenly Birthday to Cumin and Happy Anniversary Love and Above Cat Club! (I’m in the process of a “digital decrease” so just wanted to chime in here on the blog as I take a season of renewsl/disconnecting elsewhere). I am excited to see what’s coming up for next year! You’ve changed the way I do life, and I like it! I’m so very grateful. My cats and I wish you a wonderful, creative, intuitive, loving, prosperous Year 3! Cheers! Love! Joy!
      Love and Above Cat Club replied:
      ooooh, what delicious things to wish for Year 3. Love that, Sue! We receive it, and thank you 🙏🏼 so much. “Digital decrease” – another good one! We’ve got new things coming up soooo soon! Keep watching your email. Lots of love.

    • Lisa Albrecht

      Happy Anniversary! I love you all and so does Ketzel, my 13 year old diabetic cat and Sadie, my 19 year old kitty! We all love all your products!
      Love and Above Cat Club replied:
      Thank you, Lisa, for ALL your support! You have our whole store in your house by now! 😹 Give love boop kisses to Ketzel and Sadie for us!

    • Dalinda

      Happy Anniversary! I just love all your products & your business mission. Thank you for reminding us to love ourselves as we love our cats. My cats have enjoyed their mats & I LOVE the bar soap. Its a great size & still so fragrant after months of use. Thank you for all you do & your lovely packaging- I truly feel loved.
      Love and Above Cat Club replied:
      You are so loved, Dalinda! THANK YOU so much for believing in us and our products! Give a boop kiss to Baby and Milo!

    • Harold Anderson

      Congratulations on your second anniversary of being in business,
      The cats love it when I get a package from you, they get to enjoy helping me open it, I have been enjoying the soaps, they have such a wonderful smell to them, it actually makes the bathroom smell better.
      All of us here at Skittles and Friends send you and your family lots of Purrs and Paw Hugz of Peace, Love, and Happiness.
      Love and Above Cat Club replied:
      Hi Harold! Thank you so much for your great energy. You’ve been one of our angels from near the start! We appreciate it so much. We sent your soaps out yesterday, with some extra goodies. Rest assured that we received the good energy from Skittles and Friends. And all the best back to you. ~ Toast, and Siena and Bear our cat, too :)

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