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💌 Love Note: I'm currently not accepting new clients; however, if you're interested in working together, I encourage you to still send me the completed form below as space opens up from time to time.

We might be a great fit if

  • You believe in a power greater than yourself
  • Despite whatever you’ve been through, you still maintain a thread of hope (even a scraggly thread or a few wispy fibers will do!)
  • In general, you try to believe that things happen for a greater reason
  • You get a little excited when someone mentions “crystal” “energy” “chakra” or “sage” (no eye-rollers, please 🙄)

Every single one of us has a longing and a discontent. Both of these are Spiritual gifts as they guide us to grow and become more of who we’re meant to be and who we know we truly are. I find that we get stuck when we aren’t clear about what we want/who we are because we’re limiting ourselves to what we think we can have and who we think we have the right to become. And more often than not, at the root, we’re not so sure we deserve it or have what it takes to allow it all in.

But why is this? Why exactly aren't we clear and why do we limit/not believe in ourselves, feel underserving, unworthy, and sometimes, unlovable? It could be trauma. That's what it was for me.

You might not believe you've experienced any trauma in your life but I've come to adopt a much broader definition: 

Trauma is any experience where you felt unsafe.

We all have trauma and wounds to navigate and guess what? So much of it isn't even your own! Often it's this trauma that keeps us from our deepest desires. I will help you gain some clarity around this, uncover the wounds, and facilitate your healing as you prepare for your next Becoming! *

So get ready and start playing with this question:

💗What would I Love?💗

One of my great joys is the moment when I witness a client aligning with their magnificence!  It's that moment when they truly start feeling and believing in themselves and their path ahead. In the beginning, it can be fleeting, but nonetheless spectacular, as they look up and let the light warm their face. But with consistency, awareness, support, and Great Love, I’m honored when I get to see them stand confidently, with full belief, basking in their brilliance!

If you're losing faith in yourself, I'll share with you what one of my wise mentors said to me, "until you believe, borrow my belief in you." 

I believe in You. 

*I'm not a trauma specialist but I've helped support many women on their healing journeys. In our work together I may refer you to other valuable resources to go deeper into your own trauma healing.

WHAT I KNOW: You are meant for good and greatness  You have a gift to bring to this world  The world needs you and your gift  You are made of love and you are so deeply loved

What You Should Know

All sessions are done over Zoom or initially, via phone if you prefer. It's very vulnerable to be seen and stepping into this can bring another layer of healing in the witnessing and mirroring aspects that videos allow. However, creating a safe space is priority, so if you feel safer starting with a phone call, I'm happy to start this way.

I’ve worked one-to-one, by referral only, for over 20 years and despite taking some beautiful trainings that have provided great structure to what I do, I still always allow the energy of a session to lead us. As a holistic health practitioner and energy healer, first and foremost, I strive to hold sacred space for you. Only then are we free and safe to unpack what’s calling.

We each have an Infinite side of our Being that knows more than our humanness. Because of this, I believe you are the Highest Authority on You and my role is to help you connect more consistently with this Greater Part of Who You Are.

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Let’s see if we’re a good fit! 

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“Siena’s presence, even over video, is like “ahhhhh.” She’s so intuitive and insightful. Her grace, calmness, and her voice feel like a soul massage!”

— Lanette, Artist, Poet & Educator (Oregon)


 “Siena’s intuitiveness naturally brings a sense of peace and calm as one starts to explore their true emotions. She creates an incredibly safe space to open up, dig deep, and sort through the layers. I feel I’ve been able to uncover a true sense of clarity using easy, practical exercises that aim to get to the root of what’s going on inside. Siena knows when and just how much to push, at the same time she allows space, her timing is impeccable. Her kindness, humor, and sensitivity are all icing on the cake. Working with Siena has been a game changer.”

— Melissa, Singer-Songwriter & Full-Time Mom (California)


 “I’m a pretty private person and I’m sure I’m not alone in being fiercely protective of my vulnerability.  So when I looked to Siena for energy work, I first wanted to know that whatever was said, shared or felt, would remain guarded by her.  Within my first session, that concern evaporated.  I was also looking for a safe place with a true listener who didn’t force feedback on me but instead was a partner in my goals or wants.  Siena’s caring nature and empathy were refreshing, as is her chill personality.”

— Catherine, Insurance Professional (California)