Forgiveness Aromatherapy Flower Essence Blend

Forgiveness Aromatherapy Flower Essence Blend

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Forgiveness is formulated to support forgiveness of yourself and others; for those who feel stuck regarding an issue/event or person in the past.

💛 Uplifting lemon balm with a hint of fresh green floral prepare a clean, clear slate! Made with organic oils of lemon balm and geranium.

  • Self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and the freedom to move forward despite past mistakes
  • Forgiveness, acceptance, taking responsibility for one's life situation, adaptable to changing circumstances
  • Emotional freedom  and the ability to love others unconditionally, with an open heart
  • Acceptance of others' differences  and imperfections
  • Ability to see the good within each person and situation
  • Ability to cultivate life wisdom and the intelligence derived from life experience
  • Cleansing  and restorative, bringing a sense of inner purity
  • Ability to tap into health-giving forces for body and soul; lifestyle choices that lead to wellness and wholeness
Ideal For

...those experiencing at least one of the following:

  • Stuck in the past over an issue or person
  • Feel shame over something in the past
  • Feel a melancholic obsession with past events; over-emphasis on guilt or self-blame, paralysis due to excessive self-criticism
  • Carry a narrow view of their experiences, slower to learn life's lessons  and often repeating the same mistakes
  • Feel resentful, inflexible or rigid regarding past; tendency to blame others or see oneself as the victim
  • Tends to have critical  and judgmental attitudes, intolerance; perfectionist expectations of others
  • Difficulty taking inner responsibility for one's healing, lacking in spiritual motivation for wellness
  • Feel unclean, needing to release physical or psychic toxicity

Organic oils of jojoba, melissa, geranium; grain alcohol (preservative), organic biodynamic flower essences of beech, bleeding heart, chestnut bud, crab apple, pine, self-heal, willow