Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender Eye Pillow

Lavender Eye Pillow

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Use this soothing lavender eye pillow to cool tensions in your forehead, back of neck, forearms, hands, feet, etc.

  • filled with flax seed and organic lavender; completely natural
  • no zippers, buttons, or string-ties: ultimate comfort and ease of use
  • heavenly, comforting scent of lavender, and weight of flax seeds
  • 9" long x 4" wide; approx. 7 oz.
  • handmade with love and above by a fellow cat lover

For years lavender has been used for its relaxing and calming properties.

Made with a generous amount of flaxseed and lavender. Although the lavender scent can last for months on end, you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the outside of the pillow to boost the scent.

To use as a cold pack: place in the freezer 2-3 hours before use.

To clean: remove inner pillow from outer case. Outer case is machine washable. Do not submerge inner pillow in water, nor place in washing machine; spot clean only.


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I’ve known Siena for over 12 years, before there was a My Cat from Hell [Animal Planet TV show]. Siena was my first employee, mixing and blending my flower essences for animals. As much as I’ve worked to create products to better the life and energy of your cats, Siena has done the same for you, the cat guardian, with specially tailored flower essence blends and aromatherapy.

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